Apr 24th, 2014
Marcus Ehning is to Ryan Gosling as Kent Farringron is to Leonardo DiCaprio.
Apr 22nd, 2014



That auto release though.

That horse’s hind end though. 

That everything.
Apr 20th, 2014



Ayden Uhlir Signs With Nike

this is big for equestrian sports

^ very big and very awesome
Apr 16th, 2014
Drawing a horse that has a saddle with non-existent knee rolls


Thanks to silverxlace for the submission.

Apr 9th, 2014
Besides no stirrups and not riding…

Does anyone know how to keep an injured ankle stable while riding? I’ve tried braces, wraps, tape, etc and nothing seems to help. I injured it about 4 months ago and tore up my ligaments big time and the pain hasn’t gone away. It obviously hurts more when I ride. I just need to be able to put my heel down when I go back east for a eq final at the end of the month. I’ve been using crutches on and off but I ride 2-7 horses a day 6 days a week. I’ve also been following RICE daily. Someone help!

Apr 4th, 2014
Apr 3rd, 2014
My obsession with breeches is spiralling out of control.

Apr 3rd, 2014

Mcclain ward trying Sapphire for the first time. magic.

Mar 29th, 2014
Mar 26th, 2014

Because Marcus Ehning